Youth & Young Adult Outreach(12-35yrs old)

  • Expand Youth and Young Adult Outreach and Enrichment Programs using new and existing boots on the ground organizations (Ages 12-35 years old) and fully fund community centers. 


  • Monthly Community Outreach and Engagement festivals. 


  • Implement and fund ME, (My Excellence). This would be a school to job to career to entrepreneurship pipeline & WORLD readiness community centers established in communities across our city. All centers will be dedicated to the service of youth, young adults, and families while developing and promoting positive growth in regards to beauty, health, wealth, community, environment, mentally, spiritually, and physically, starting from the INSIDE to the outside!


  • FIGHT for EVERY one of our young people to be off the streets and on the job! Trading them their short-term hustle that is able to support themselves into a long-term career that can enable them to support their entire family!


  • FIGHT for agreements with our youth that in exchange for whatever it is they might do to make a little money to survive, or whatever the reason may be, we will provide guaranteed job placement with priority in city positions up to but not limited to maintenance and jobs generated through partnerships with local businesses and community leaders with at least a $15 starting wage


  • Provide financial assistance for Post- Secondary Education.


  • We will FIGHT for Food and Housing assistance to assist individuals in getting on their feet and into a stable, good paying job. 


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