Youth & Young Adult Outreach(12-35yrs old)

True Community outreach is one of the most important things that we can do showing the love of God in every moment and being thankful and grateful that we have the opportunity to make the world a better place. Its not that we HAVE to but we GET to. The fact that we get to invest in the future of our children is an opportunity that we have to come together and take advantage of.. These investments will not only positively affect most of us individually, but they will positively impact the lives of our families, communities, and our great city of Minneapolis! These investments begin in the home and move into other areas including but not limited to Community, Education, business and job creation , money management , etc. 

#MinneapolisFIRST     #Minneap4All     #OurChildrenAreOurFuture 


    • Invest in the creation of a City Youth and Young Adult Advisory Board to receive their input as into how we can best support them in and through their success...
    • Invest in expansion of Stable Homes Stable School to include all 100 Minneapolis Public Schools and every family in need. 
    • Invest in "Students as Teachers" giving jobs to our Youth tutoring children in lower grades boosting student literacy and economic development wtihin our youth.
    • Invest in educating and hiring of local Teachers _ our children need and deserve to be taught be Educators who truly know them and can identify with them both socially and cultually. Any current Educator that is willing will recieve finiancial asiistacne to relocate themselves and their families to our City of Minneapolis. All new vacancies will be filled by residents local to the school looking employ new staff. We will expedite the hiring process by offering full scholarships to students graduating from Minneapolis Public Schools and who currently reside within our city of Minneapolis. 
    • Extend school day for all grades 7:00AM- 7:00PM serving breakfast lunch and dinner with homework completion during session. This will assist in boosting student literacy through designated reading times. It will also assist in stimulating parent child relationships through the time being spent at home being used to build valuable family memories instead of parents coming in from work, having to help with homework, make dinner, and still find time to spend with their children and time to take for themselves in order to recouperate for the next day. We will use federal childcare grant funds to off set the cost 
    • Invest in faith based Youth Outreach through local partnerships.
    • Invest in Community Centers and neighborhood mentor-ship programs and other new and existing boots on the ground organizations to expand Youth and Young Adult Outreach and Enrichment Programs (Ages 10-35 years old) 
    • Invest in Save Our Brothers And Sisters(SOBAS) programming that will serve as a transitioning mentor-ship program highlighting the transitions between school to job, job to career or to entrepreneurship serving youth in community centers established in communities across our city. All centers will be dedicated to the service of youth, young adults, and families while developing and promoting positive growth in regards to physical, spiritual, and mental health, wealth, community, environment.
    • Invest in assistance with completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
    • Invest in assistance with completing the National Guard Application 
    • Invest in Education assistance for public service positions (EMS, Fire, Police, Nursing, Social work, Public Health/Safety)
    • Invest in Job creation/placement utilizing city positions including street maintenance, waste/recycling collectors, and other jobs generated through partnerships with local businesses and community leaders including construction.
    • Invest in Food and Housing assistance when needed to assist individuals and working families.
    • Invest in Monthly Community Outreach and Engagement festivals emphasizing and focusing on building unity in the Community!


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