Sustainable Accessible Affordable Housing and Home Ownership

The conversation of Sustainable Accessible Affordable Housing and Home Ownership starts with the application process. Most property owners require an application to become a tenant as well as requiring an application fee to run a background check which currently average a range of $30-$75 PER ADULT. Property owners run background checks because property owners want to know exactly who they are renting to and allowing to reside in their property and this is understandable. What is NOT understandable is how we allow a prospective tenant to be charged to complete the background check process with no guarantee they will be awarded the tenancy. The City of Minneapolis can help take care of the background checks altogether either by completing them themselves or by mandating that property owners with more than one(1) property have an Unlimited Membership to a 3rd party that would complete the checks on behalf of the owner while allowing property owners to use their current background check provider if desired.

In this COVID-19 economy, it is next to impossible to find affordable housing. With the rise in rent, it is apparent that homelessness will continue to rise rapidly. In some major cities that compare to Minneapolis across our country, the average price for one room bedroom goes between $2,500 and $3,500. In many places, the wage required to rent an apartment in 2017 was many times higher than the federal minimum wage – $7.25 – or the minimum wages of any state compounding obstacles even further by adding a requirement that the tenant be able to cover 2-3 times the rent to be considered when a majority of Minneapolis residents in need of affordable housing barely make enough to cover even one month. In fact, according to the National ow Income Housing Coalition, there is nowhere in American where a full-time minimum wage employee could afford a one-bedroom apartment without spending more than 30 percent of their income on housing. The coalition found that a full-time worker earning the minimum wage would need to work on average 94.5 hours per week for all 52 weeks of the year to afford a one-bedroom rental home.

It is apparent that the need for affordable housing is needed and necessary for low-income renters. it has been reported is a known fact that stable housing increases the functionality and promotes health for entire communities including, our Youth, Students, Adults, Seniors, Veterans, the disabled and families all over our City. We are looking to build an Affordable Housing Program that not only helps rent someone else's property but one that also helps buy a property of your own. 

  • Prioritize our Homeless, our Elderly, and our US Veteran Minneapolitans
  • Help keep renters and owners in their current home through COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Eliminate Application Fees 
  • Restrict Background Checks to Rental History 
  • Implement mandatory work and education requirements for Adults and Students 
  • Implement a workable program with tiers to start with Affordable Housing and work up to Affordable Home Ownership
  • Implement term limits for participants encouraging them to move through the tiers and to provide access to Affordable Housing to more Minneapolitans with smaller wait list and shorter wait time
  • Implement Affordable Housing Program receiving Graduates from our Affordable Housing Program

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