Police Reform

EVERYONE wants to be and feel safe, and EVERYONE should have that right. Some of us are scared for our safety and want more Police, while some of us are scared for our safety and want an alternative responses added and less Police. As city leaders, a balance must be achieved between the two growing calls to reallocate a portion of the Police budget and the calls to fully fund the Police budget. I truly believe to meet the demand of this moment, we must not only fully fund the police at the proper time, but we must also allocate additional funds to implement immediate accountability measures and begin to add alternatives to the department's response if/when the law is not being broken and law enforcement is not needed. We must begin to restore trust between communities and police by putting accountability measures in place. Once the process of trust building begins, it will allow our police department to function effectively at full capacity to restore law and order to communities across our city. This restoration will start with tackling the violence commited by individuals with fire arms that has been plaguing everyone including our children for far too long. Their safety can no longer be an option, but a guarantee. Over time, with hard work and dedication on the parts of every single one of us together, we will get our plans fully implemented, discover the outcomes , and let the public voice what is and is not beneficial enabling us to adjust accordingly. The issue that arises is how do we do this? I am glad you asked!

Before we add anything to the police, we must first put accountability measures in place to assure communities across our city that not only do we acknowledge and understand their concerns, but we are going to do something about and at the same time protect everyone in our city including our Officers. 

1.Invest to have every Officer and Patrol car in our city of Minneapolis be equipped with cameras that remain active through the entirety of the shift unless on break or using the restroom.
2. Invest to have all body and dash camera footage be released immediately after any request from a Minneapolis Tax Payer to do so.
3. Invest in the sanctity of life through Deadly Force being used ONLY against Deadly Force
4. Remove use of the baton 
5. Invest in the protection of civil rights for all Minneapolitans and not touch nor handcuff any individual unless they are under arrest and immediately being read their rights as result of an Officer confirming a law has been broken
6. Remove the entire Use of Force section of MPD Policy and mandate that the only force including pepper spray/mace, or Taser that can be used is during arrest when an individual is actively resisting and only enough force to properly handcuff and transport. No striking, punching, kicking, or choking an arrestee.
7. Mandate that traffic stops be initiated only in incidents that include a moving violation that compromises public safety.
8. Mandate Drivers remain inside of their vehicles for the entirety of a traffic stop unless they are being arrested.
As a candidate for the future leadership of our great city of Minneapolis, I are deeply committed to reconciling relationships between Police and Communities across Minneapolis. The items listed here will cause an immediate change and will act as a sign of good faith that not only are we listening but we also care and we are willing to put action to our words and positively affect change.
This is not something that can wait another day let alone another election cycle. We need leaders who are ready and willing and who will chose to move forward on these items and lead in such a time as this as we look forward to living up to our United States Declaration of Independence declaring our unalienable rights which the Declaration says has been given to all humans by the creator: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!
Thank you 🙏🏿
Much love, and may God consistently Bless!


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  • Jerrell Perry
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