Police Reform

EVERYONE wants to be and feel safe, and EVERYONE should have that right. Some of us are scared for our safety and want more Police, while some of us are scared for our safety and want an alternative responses added and less Police. As city leaders, a balance must be achieved between the two growing calls to reallocate a portion of the Police budget and the calls to fully fund the Police budget. I truly believe to meet the demand of this moment, we must not only fully fund the police, but we must also allocate additional funds to implement immediate accountability measures and begin to add alternatives to the department's response if/when the law is not being broken and law enforcement is not needed. Over time, with hard work and dedication on the parts of every single one of us together, we will get our plans fully implemented, discover the outcomes , and let the public voice what is and is not beneficial enabling us to adjust accordingly. The issue that arises is how do we do this? I am glad you asked!

Before we add anything to the police, we must first put accountability measures in place to assure communities across our city that not only do we acknowledge and understand their concerns, but we are going to do something about and at the same time protect everyone in our city including our Officers. 

  • Mandate use of Deadly Force ONLY against Deadly Force.

  • Mandate Body Cameras for every Police Officer and Police vehicle operating in the City of Minneapolis

  • Create additional jobs to monitor the cameras while granting public access through an APP

  • Mandate that traffic stops be restricted to moving violations that threaten the overall safety of the public.

  • Mandate detainees be afforded the right to an immediate "Peer Review" regarding arrest. 
  • Mandate Minneapolis Police Vehicle Impound Lot only receive vehicles involved in an investigation.
  • Mandate the holding of personal property only be for ongoing investigations and release all items within 24 hours of the investigation closing.
  • Fully Staff MPD with required 888 Officers

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  • Jerrell Perry
    published this page 2021-03-16 17:50:19 -0500
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