How much love for humanity is in our hearts when we are willing to pull out a gun and take another human life? How much love for humanity is in our hearts when we know exactly what happened but do not come forward providing the information which at times is the only thing that gives families justice or closure after loosing a loved one to gun violence? If it were one of us or our loved one that was taken, we would want someone else to do the right thing, so we must first do the right thing ourselves. My family lost my Brother Dontay to gun violence back in 2011 behind a situation that had nothing at all to do with him. At someone else's house, in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Do you know what hurt us more than loosing him that day? What hurt more was the fact that there were people around that knew exactly what happened, why it happened, who was involved, and yet, they said nothing. The love of God is the love of and for all of HUMANITY! Every single human life. Love your neighbor as yourself. 

We deserve not just to feel safe, but we deserve to be safe. Rather we are children playing in the neighborhood, at home with our significant other, out in the community, walking to school, hanging out with our friends, or we are warming up or driving our car, walking our dog, walking to the store or to work, seeing, calling or simply having an interaction with the Police, we ALL deserve to be safe. Safe from violence including child abuse, domestic violence, community violence, gang violence, police violence, and gun violence, etc.. We deserve to be safe. We deserve to be safe from crime including theft, home invasions, robberies, carjackings, assaults both physical and sexual, drugs, shootings, and the worst and most devastating , as already mentioned and having the biggest impact of trauma on our children and families across our city, homicides. We deserve to be safe.

EVERYONE wants to be and feel safe, and EVERYONE should have that right. Some of us are scared for our safety and want more Police, while some of us are scared for our lives and want less Police. As city leaders, a balance must be achieved between the two growing calls to de-fund the Police and to fully-fund the Police. We must begin to restore trust between communities and police by putting accountability measures in place which I discuss in further detail under "Police Reform." Once the process of trust building begins, it will allow our police department to function effectively at full capacity to restore law and order to communities across our city. This restoration will start with tackling the gun violence that has been plaguing everyone including our children for far too long. Their safety can no longer be an option, but a guarantee. 

In addition to the increased Law Enforcement presence, I believe there are several other actions we can take to reduce and eventually eradicate gun violence in our city, we will: 

  •  Install temporary 4-way cameras in areas including all shot spotters that remain off but activate at the time the shot spotter activates to capture a 15 minute window of any movement after reports of shots fired, allowing authorities to see any persons or vehicles in the immediate area, possibly enabling them to identify a potential witness or potential suspect. 


  • Work in conjunction with Crime Stoppers to raise monetary reward for info leading to evidence and arrest in Homicide cases from “up to $1,000.00” to actually guarantee a $1 Million anonymous pay out for info leading to evidence and arrest in Homicide. I believe this will act to assist in solving homicides as well as act to deter homicides in some cases. 


  • Partner with Gun and Ammunition manufacturers that currently have their name and other info engraved on every bullet they make. We will ask them to also engrave a serial number on each bullet and shell prior to assembly, that corresponds with the box which is sold and recorded under our individual ID or Driver’s License number.  I believe this will also act to assist in solving homicides as well as act to deter homicides in some cases.


  • Set up a voluntary GUN, CLIP, AND AMMUNITION DONATION DRIVE including, UNCONDITIONAL $500.00 CASH for Fire Arm, Clip, and Ammunition donation.
  • Expand Youth and Young Adult Outreach and Enrichment Programs using new and existing boots on the ground organizations (Ages 12-35 years old) and fully fund existing community centers. 


  • Monthly Community Outreach and Engagement festivals. 


  • Implement and fund ME, (My Excellence). This will be school to job, to career, to entrepreneurship pipeline & WORLD readiness programming within community centers established in communities across our city. All centers will be dedicated to the service of youth, young adults, and families while developing and promoting positive growth in regards to beauty, health, wealth, community, environment, mentally, spiritually, and physically, starting from the INSIDE to the outside!


  • FIGHT for EVERY one of our young people to be off the streets and on the job! Trading them their short-term hustle that is able to support themselves into a long-term career that can enable them to support their entire family!


  • FIGHT for agreements with our youth that in exchange for whatever it is they might do to make a little money to survive, or whatever the reason may be, we will provide guaranteed job placement with priority in city positions up to but not limited to maintenance and jobs generated through partnerships with local businesses and community leaders with at least a $15 starting wage


  • Provide financial assistance for Post- Secondary Education.


  • We will FIGHT for Food and Housing assistance to help individuals get on their feet and into a stable, good paying job!

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