Governor Walz no signatures for minor parties. Covid 19

Governor Walz no signatures for minor parties. Covid 19


In a time when people are fearing for their lives, it's unfair for minor parties to be asked to obtain signatures to get on the ballot. Normally minor parties are required to obtain signatures in order to be put on the ballet. A feat that even under ordinary conditions is challenging, however under our present conditions seems downright absurd.

In a time when voters want more choices on their ballot, it is imperative that election integrity remains intact. This includes protecting minor party candidates' rights to participate in our democracy. By insisting that minor party candidates to obtain signatures during the pandemic would be the perpetuation of wrong. it not only compromises the integrity of our democracy but the health and well being of those seeking ballot access, their supporters, and the community at large. 

In the United States, there have been over 70,000 deaths, many states including Minnesota have been placed on an executive stay in an effort to contain and reduce the spread of this deadly virus. That being said there is no possible way that Minor party candidates can obtain signatures in an effort to obtain access to the ballot for the upcoming 2020 election. This is why Governor Walz needs to intervene, by allowing minor party candidates to simply pay the filing fee allotted to Major Party Candidates. Governor Walz has the power to allow Minor party candidates to participate in the democratic process, by waving signatures in this pandemic and allowing candidates to pay the same filing fee as candidates in the two major parties. 

Although some may say that signatures can be obtained online, unfortunately not all voters are internet savvy especially our seniors. If Minor party candidates are required to obtain signatures, about a third of our seniors who would have had an opportunity to sign a petition will be left out of this important process. This could cost not only the Minor party candidate but the voters as well.

As a disabled minor party candidate, the process of obtaining signatures in this pandemic could be detrimental to my health, and many like me. It is imperative that Governor Walz alleviates this unnecessary burden for obtaining signatures for ballot access in this already strenuous and stressful time in American History,

As governor of this great state of Minnesota, it’s time to put all Minnesotans 1st, this includes allowing every candidate the opportunity to participate in the electoral process.



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