`Covid - 19 Relief

  • Secure P.P.E. and Vaccinations for our Healthcare and Essential Workers including low income families, Teachers and School Staff
  • Get our children back to full time in-person learning 
  • Provide Emergency Food Support for families
  • Provide payments directly to small businesses and essential workers 
  • Provide funding for Compensation to Parents assisting school age children with virtual learning
  • Provide funding for Housing/Shelter vouchers
  • Financial Assistance for Education in the Medical Field
  • Create Jobs within the community to assist Health Department with aggressive contact tracing 
  • Use Cares Act funding to join Mayors for a Guaranteed Income


`HIV Awareness and Education  


`Mental Health Resources 


`Allocate funds for integrative health services to support residents of the George Floyd
Square Zone through the ReCAST grant managed by the Division of Race & Equity; (Justice Resolution)

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