Corvid 19 & The Minnesota Jail System

As I am sitting here watching the BBC world news and watching the world in a panic. I realize that I have heard nothing about how the incarcerated are going to be tested and treated. It dawned on me that if we don’t do something to get Juvenile and adult detainee’s out with stable housing, they must be released immediately. Also, detainee’s in all Minnesota county jails and who are sitting in jail, because they can’t afford to pay bail, up to 30,000 dollars. It is imperative that we release these prisoners, to save their lives. It is not fair to receive a non-court ordered death sentence.

There is no way for prisoners to practice the safety procedures, due to the extreme overcrowding of local jails and prisons. This means that the likeness of detainee’s contracting the virus is extremely high. 


We can and must release people now to reduce transmission! Specifically: 1) Juveniles 2)Medically fragile prisoners, 3) Anyone in on a minor violation of probation or parole, 4). Anyone who qualifies for work release under the broadest interpretation of the law - anyone who is low risk and has done ½ their prison time. 

Iran has already released 85,000 prisoners, we must do our part to make sure every human being is protected from this deadly virus.


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