Last Saturday I had the privilege of attending the 3rd annual Remember me event given in remembrance of lives that have been stolen by police across America, I truly admire the strength of the wonderful women. it is my belief that it takes a special type of anointing from God to have endured their children being taken from them in such horrific ways, and still have the heart to love and help others. While they continue to keep their boots on the ground and continue to press on with their lives, none of these women have received the justice that they so truly deserve. Not one of the officers in any of these cases have been brought to justice. This is why Community Control Over The Police is so vital. For hundreds of years, blacks in America have been beaten, raped, and murdered, by police without consequence.
It’s time for a change. It's time for The United States, as the leaders of the free world, to show everyone around the world that every life matters, including Black Lives. One way to say black lives matter is by creating a system of checks and balances for police. The best way that many around the country feel this can best be achieved is by creating a non-partisan group of individuals whose duties will include but not limited to, hiring, overseeing disciplinary actions, as well as job terminations. Taking the responsibility out of the hands of those who have allowed this system of terror on the black community to perpetuate hundreds of years!

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